Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The story of a man, who cured himself of Cancer

Please, read this story. It is true as confirmed by people who know this guy in-person.

"My father had bladder cancer, the tumor had gone thrugh the wall of his bladder and was so large they decided not to treat but just to remove his bladder.
8 weeks later after taking apricot kernels and no medication the tumor was gone.
He has had four six-monthly blood tests and from the first one he has been clear of cancer.
Myself I had a skin cancer they wanted to cut out with skin grafts etc planned. I now have a small hole where it was and all I took was apricot kernels.
If anyone wants to know more I am more than happy to help.
The cancer industry is a trillion dollar business. They have no interest in curing it.
Check out the links.
Take care

This story really made me think it is possible and even more - I have heard from many people that apricot kernels and almond kernels are great anti-cancer source we have got.

I would like to hear from everyone, who had any kind of experience and heard of any other examples of positive curing using natural products. We can make better living knowing more about nature with our experience through life.

Thank you, everyone, who participated.

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